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TRC Direct



What payment types do you accept for membership?

Over the phone or online membership can be paid via VISA or MasterCard. At the Club and on race days we accept these or EFTPOS. Membership application forms can be downloaded via the website and these can be returned to us with credit card details filled out or a cheque attached. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail for payment of your membership.


What is TRC Direct? How do I join and what are the benefits?

TRC Direct is the Club’s membership payment plan option allowing you to pay for your membership in one lump sum instalment or in monthly instalments over 10 months (November - August). TRC Direct means you never need to remember to renew your membership again and your membership will automatically roll over for you each year. TRC Direct means you won’t ever lose your membership.


I’m on TRC Direct. When do I renew my membership?

TRC Direct memberships automatically roll over on November 1 each year – unless this date falls on a weekend. The membership payments will then be processed on the next business day. Members who elect to have their instalments processed monthly will have the fee deducted on the 1st of each month until August 1.


My credit card has expired or I want to change the credit card that I use to pay my membership. What do I do?

 Please contact us and our team will be able to update the card details over the phone.


What do I do if I can’t afford to pay for my membership this month?

Please contact us as soon as you can to advise and to set up a new payment date for that month.


How do I cancel my TRC Direct payments?

Members are sent a TRC Direct opt-out form each September giving them the opportunity to cancel their existing TRC Direct arrangement. We will then send you an invoice for the renewal of your membership. If you wish to opt-out of TRC Direct mid-season and are paying in monthly instalments, you can do this by paying the membership outright and requesting an opt-out form to be sent to you. This needs to be filled in and returned to us.