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Members of the Tasmanian Racing Club (TRC) have come to expect a high standard of public behaviour in the Members’ areas at Morphettville. To ensure that this high standard continues, the Board has decided to publish the following Code in accordance with Clause 16.3 of the TRC Constitution to ensure the maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment to all Members including transferable card attendees and guests.


Members must comply with all dress and behaviour standards. Anyone judged to be in breach by the Club (which includes an authorised officer or official appointed by the Club) may be asked to remove themselves from the Club grounds.


  1. Members must not act in a manner that is prejudical to the interests of the TRC withthat is unbecoming or offensive.
  2. Members are strictly responsible for the proper use of their membership cards at all times. A Members' card cannot be transferred or used by another person other than the Member. This obviously does not apply to the transferable card that you receive as part of your membership package. If you require a guest card then you can purchase additional guest cards.
  3. Members are notpermitted to bring any unauthorised food for consumption within the indoor areas at LuxbetPark Hobart, including picnic baskets and platters unless prior approval is obtained from the TRC. A picnic lunch is allowed only in the outdoor areas at Luxbet Park.
  4. Members must not smoke or consume alcohol in areas other than those specifically designated.
  5. Members are made aware that the Club does not have a reserved seating policy other than on designated days.
  6. Members are to act with repect to each other and are not to engage in bad lanuage or offensive remarks. It should be noted that the Club is a licensed premise and intoxication and other behaviour deemed unacceptable will result in the member being excluded.
  7. Members should show consideration to others by limiting movement particularly during the running of a race.
  8. If Members wish to use electronic devices they should do so in a manner that is not distractive or offensive to other Members.
  9. Members must comply with any reasonable direction of a TRC staff member particularly in relation to Work Health and Safety manners.
  10. Members must also adhere to the Australian and Local Rules of Racing as applicable to the Member. Disqualification under the Rules of Racing may result in the revocation of membership.

Any breach of the above will be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution of the Club which may include suspension or revocation of membership.

Members may not bring into the grounds alcohol, cans or containers that contain alcohol, illicit drugs, weapons, knives or any item that could be used as a weapon. Members must also adhere to the dress standards at